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				  Compliance & Risk Management
Compliance and Risk Management

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EMC Consulting helps life sciences companies realize value from compliance programs. We leverage capabilities in business process improvement, industry solutions engineering, and compliance and governance. Industry-focused consultants help you optimize processes and implement technology solutions to minimize compliance risk.


Compliance and risk management companies are challenged to grow their business in a climate characterized by:

  • Greater pressure on health care costs.
  • Increased legislation governing the flow of information.
  • Restrictions on marketing, sales, and promotion of products.
  • Threat of government fines, lawsuits, and injury to brand reputation.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting uses a value-based compliance management approach. We help you improve compliance practices while focusing on product quality and resource utilization through:

  • Compliance advisory and management services to assess risk, define policies and programs, and provide remediation planning, training, and coaching.
  • Business process compliance services to assess existing compliance programs, optimize compliance processes, develop operating procedures, and define metrics.
  • Compliance enabler and computer systems validation services to develop compliance frameworks and tools, audit vendors, and manage content, information, record archiving and retention.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Compliance and Risk Management services enable you to:

  • Prioritize high-value compliance projects to guide planning and budgeting.
  • Develop controlled materials review and approval processes.
  • Define information architecture to manage content and data.
  • Streamline validation processes.

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